Bent Arcana is the title of one of two new records involving John Dwyer. Both have the mark of the looser style represented by An Odd Entrances from 2016, after which the Oh Sees sound got heavier and heavier. If you took “Jammed Exit” and stretched it out to 40 minutes you would get something like this. This record was also recorded live, during five days last December. Apart from Dwyer a long list of musicians took part, notably Peter Kerlin of Sunwatchers and Tomas Dolas of Mr. Elevator (now also a member of Oh Sees). This is the most fun I’ve had with one of Dwyer’s records in ages, especially the two 10+ minutes segments. The LP is out on Castle Face and three of the musicians took part in the live session for Zebulon back in May.

A second release featuring Dwyer, Dolas, Nick Murray, Brad Caulkins and Greg Coates is already listed on the Rock Is Hell Records site – with the title Witch Egg.

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