Vancouver duo The Top Boost released a fine powerpop EP last year and now they’re back with a follow-up single on You Are the Cosmos. While Dreaming sounded a bit like The Autumn Leaves or other groups influenced by the likes of Powder ā€“ Hunter Gogo and Kirill Yurtsev turn in a country rock classic with “Tell Me That You’re Mine”. Much like The Merry-Go-Round or The Byrds around ’69. The ballad on the b-side is even more to my liking, and not too different from what Kontiki Suite cooked up a few years back, with its gently rolling 12-string riff.


Thanks John, love these songs…..
They sound great!
Fantastic…..another young Gogo is out there making hit songs like you have.
Is Hunter a relative?? Iā€™m sure!

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