So there’s been this thing going around social media where DJs post 10 records from their collection over 10 days. Krister was recently asked to do it, but we hate social media and what’s the point if you can’t tell a story.

Day 4

The Girls – My Baby

What better name for a girlgroup than The Girls? The group of “Chico’s Girl” fame was actually four sisters, named Sandoval. Based in LA, they went on to tour Asia including wartime Vietnam. There’s some great 12-string guitar on both “My Baby” and it’s a-side “My Love”. Both were compiled on the amazing Girls With Guitars from Ace. On the follow-up Destroy That Boy – More Girls With Guitars, there’s another track by a group called The Girls, but according to Ace, this unreleased track is by a different group.

That seems strange to me, that there were two groups called The Girls in California, both working with bigger labels at the same time. “Here I Am In Love Again” was produced by Sly Stone and cut by The Beau Brummels, which means in San Francisco. I assume it was slated for release on Autumn, who had the similar-sounding Mojo Men with Jan Errico on drums and vocals. The backing track is actually included on the Magic Hollow box set from Beau Brummels. When you listen to that and “My Love” back to back, it does sound like it could be the same musicians. But here’s to hoping that The Girls were actually the studio musicians on their Capitol releases.

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May 26, 2020

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