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Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters was one of those 80s bands who were really trying to be a garage band but weren’t good enough. They could still turn in some psychedelic weirdness though. Just like The Revolving Paint Dream and Biff Bang Pow!, they believed in the greatness of 12-string guitars. Signed to Dan Treacy’s Dreamworld label, it’s said he even contributed with some songs for them. I also hadn’t realised that Phil King (Felt, Lush and many more) also played bass in this group. Optic Nerve Recordings have just put out a retrospective that collects their 1987 minialbum and the following 12″. That means Smashed Full of Wonder has three more tracks than the old Voxx compilation, but as if that wasn’t enough two tracks from their unreleased third EP finally see the light of day. There’s a new video to go along with it too.


What do you mean not good enough? Musically they are better than many teenage prom playing bands aka garage punk bands of the USA 60s. Kids want to play music don’t judge.

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