Detriti records, who put out the latest album from Molchat Doma (now in its 5th pressing), are soon releasing an LP by Filmmaker from Antioquia, Colombia. The musician behind the Filmmaker moniker seems to be incredibly prolific, with five albums released since 2018. The one coming out on Detriti now is The Love Market – the fourth one, which has been on bandcamp since March. The music is instrumental cold wave with pretty heavy industrial beats. With titles like “Mirror Slave” and “Data Sluts” it follows the concept of previous Filmmaker releases in that it sounds like a would-be soundtrack to a Cronenberg-style flick. If you like it, you have to check out the most recent album Drainvoid (pictured below) as well. And why not dive into the collection of older, unreleased material titled Bunker Island?

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