So this series was meant to be the last 25 podcasts out of 100 on RECORD TURNOVER, but now I’m not so sure anymore. The concept was 25 bands on 25 letters, with all the songs culled from my digital archive. Z came first, the Y, X, VW and now U.

Mixcloud have removed the track listing visibility, so I’ve just posted it below. You can read the full article about the songs (in Swedish) over at HYMN. Stay tuned for part T.

1. The United States Of America – Osamu’s Birthday
2. Usé – C’est Si Lisse
3. The UV Race – Mash
4. The Undecided? – Make Her Cry
5. The Upper Hand – Real Appeal
6. The Utopias – Girls Are Against Me
7. The Unusual We – Topanga Canyon
8. Unknown group – Figures of Clay
9. The Us – Just Me
10. Unrest – Make Out Club
11. Ultradjur – Vaulting Into Penthouses and Beyond!
12. The Untamed – Trust Yourself a Little Bit
13. The United 5 – I’ve Met a Girl
14. United 4 – She’s Putting You On
15. Unknown Female Vocalist – You’ll Always Be In Style
16. Uzi – Morning Train
17. The U.S. Males – Open Up Your Heart
18. Union Jack – Lady Masham
19. The Ugly Beats – Sombras
20. The Unwed Teenage Mothers – Wait (I Don’t Wanna Be Alone)
21. Ups & Downs – The Living Kind
22. The Undesyded – Baby, I Need You
23. Uniform – Know Your Name
24. Uranium Club – The Collector
25. The Undertakers – I Fell In Love (For the Very First Time)

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