Orange County’s Cosmonauts have been around for a few years, released two albums worth of decent garage rock. But this year it seems like the band’s sound has finally gelled, and no longer do some of the songs feel needlessly drawn out or like aimless excercises in fuzz. This year Burger put out the new LP If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die, and it’s brimming with 12-string riffs, psychedelic keyboards and hypnotic grooves; much to the same effect as their rolemodels in Spacemen 3. It’s no exaggeration to say this album is of the same calibre as the first Crystal Stilts record, though it doesn’t seem likely Cosmonauts will recieve the same hyperbole. Stream the whole thing on bandcamp. As you can see, a few of these songs have been on previous albums, but the fact that these new versions appear here reaffirms my belief that the group have now cemented their sound. Cemented; as in filling up a tub with cement, putting your feet in and then sinking to the bottom of the harbour.

To accompany the album, the people behind Austin Psychfest have put out a 12″ called Lazerbeam. But rather than lead your thoughts to Lazer Guided Melodies, this 4-track ep is a somewhat poppier outing. At least the titletrack has that same immediate quality that Sonny & the Sunsets’ “Lovin’ On an Older Gal” had some three years ago. You simply can’t stop listening to it, and then there also a great live clip of it from Austin Psychfest over here. Call it timeless if you will. A lot of new bands seem to sound like The Stooges (again), and Cosmonauts hit some of the same vibes on the ep, but without being derivative.


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September 12, 2012

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